Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Doherty, Wallace has for 25 years provided a full range of patent services from patent drafting to prior art searches; to international filing, to infringement opinions and the enforcement and defense of patent rights.

Doherty, Wallace has expertise in drafting provisional, utility and design patents on behalf of inventors. We have secured patents for clients in a wide range of technologies including sporting equipment, medical instruments, mechanical devices and electrical components. Our experience before the United States Patent and Trademark Office combined with significant technical knowledge helps us to produce strong patents with broad protection. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to responsiveness, accessibility and personal attention.


Doherty, Wallace has decades of experience in assisting clients to protect and leverage their brands. We advise clients on a full range of Trademark issues from clearance, selection and use to prosecution of trademarks through the United State Patent and Trademark Office and foreign countries and the enforcement of Trademark rights worldwide. Our strongest relationships with clients are those where we work in partnership and understand the client’s business goals and brand growth expectations.

Doherty Wallace provides its clients with a well-established network of international “associate” law firms to efficiently extend our reach worldwide in the area of Trademark protection.

Doherty Wallace handles oppositions and cancellation procedures before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) of the United State Patent and Trademark Office.

We have negotiated intellectual property license agreements for our clients to establish an income stream and grow brands.


Doherty, Wallace has worked with photographers, artists and authors to register their works of artistic expression and original works of authorship with the Library of Congress, Copyright Office.