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Digital Liability and Online Data Security

Digital Liability and Online Data Security

It is more evident every day that the future of business is through the Internet. Doherty, Wallace provides its clients with the expertise to use rapidly evolving Internet law to the advantage of their business.

It is crucial that websites comply with all applicable e-commerce and intellectual property laws. The firm proactively works with clients to avoid domain name disputes and to maximize protection of the intellectual property in their websites, often the most visible means by which consumers learn about a client’s products or services.

Doherty, Wallace understands the intentions of cyber-squatters and other domain name profiteers who will target a client’s website by registering confusingly similar domain names, copying website content and employing other tactics to confuse or divert customers. The firm helps clients recognize and prevent unfair competition or deceptive practices.

The firm also assists clients with preparing Terms and Conditions of Use, Legal Notices, privacy policies, copyright policies and other contractual disclosures and requirements to be posted on websites.