Special Permits for Western Massachusetts Businesses: Know Your Rights

If your business is seeking to expand into an area that has a residential or other zoning classification, you may...
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Parents Can Be Liable for the Actions of Their Children

Did you know that you, as a parent, can be held civilly liable for the intentional acts of your unemancipated...
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Fourth of July: Beware

Residents of Massachusetts cannot purchase or set off fireworks in Massachusetts, absent a license. The Fourth of July is a...
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Corporal Punishment in Massachusetts

The days of corporal punishment have gone by the wayside, but not completely. Many of you from the baby boomer...
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Homeowners: Do You Have a Duty To Protect People From Harm By Others?

To succeed on a claim for negligence, a claimant must demonstrate that a defendant (i.e. landlord, property owner, other driver,...
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